lactation consults

 Initial Lactation Consultation
       2 hour visit

In home or in office visits for families who may be having some breastfeeding difficulties and need some extra support. The initial consult includes free telephone and e-mail follow-up.  

 Follow-up Lactation Consultation
       1-1.5 hour visit 

In person follow up visit is sometimes necessary to evaluate progress and adjust the breastfeeding plan.  

 Back to Work Lactation Consultation
       1-1.5 hour visit

These visits are for mothers returning to work who have questions regarding pumping, maintaining milk supply and transitioning baby to a bottle.

  • BCBS and Aetna "In-Network" Provider
  • Other insurance companies have begun to cover lactation visits, call yours to find out.

 Breast Pumps (Approved BCBS Distributor)
       Spectra S1 and Medela models
       Hospital-grade rentals also available