Read about experiences of real mothers and families who have taken my classes or that I've visited after birth. These stories are used with expressed permission and NO re-use is acceptable in any form. ~Alice

I thought breastfeeding was going to be so natural for me, but by the third day into our daughter’s life I realized I needed help! Painful feedings, and the feeling that I had no idea what I was doing lead me to give Alice a call. I’m so glad I did! Alice made herself very available and came to our house promptly. She showed me what it looks like for a baby to be properly latched. Alice suggested great nursing positions specific to my milk flow. The pain during nursing was immediately relieved. Nursing has become an enjoyable experience for both my daughter and I. I’ve had a few questions since our initial home visit, all of which Alice was happy to answer. --Rachel

Alice is amazing! After struggling with breastfeeding my first two children, I was determined to make things work with #3. Unfortunately, he had to spend some time in the NICU and needed formula while my milk came in. When he was discharged from the NICU, he had trouble latching and was lazy when working to get the milk from my breast. Alice was so patient, calm and understanding as we tried to get my son to latch. She offered so many choices and always presented information and ideas with kindness and without judgement. Breastfeeding is hard and you need the people around you to support you, accept the reality of the situation and help you figure out what your goal is and then how to get there. At a time when you're exhausted, feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable, Alice is the perfect person to have at your side encouraging you, while bringing a calming presence. And I know I could not have done this without Alice. --Heather

Alice was an enormous help to me when my son was born. As a new (and older) mom, I was worried about everything! She reassured me, was extremely patient and generous with her time, answered all my questions and more, made me laugh, and, most importantly, gave me the confidence to feel great about breastfeeding. And I'm still going strong, almost a year later! I'm not sure it would have worked as smoothly, or as effortlessly, without Alice. Even months later, she was responsive and very helpful over email when I hit a rough spot. Breastfeeding has been a life-changing experience for me, and I'm so grateful to have found Alice at the very beginning to teach me 'the ropes.' --Eliot

Hypnobirthing helped me feel prepared for giving birth (or as prepared as a first-time mother can be!). One of the best things about Hypnobirthing was that I felt calm in the final weeks of my pregnancy. I wanted to find a childbirth class that would give me tools and techniques for getting through labor without medication, and Hynobirthing gave me those techniques. In the same way that people train before running a marathon, Hypnobirthing taught me how to keep going through what is, admittedly, a difficult process. In addition, I really liked the fact that my husband took the classes with me and practiced the relaxation techniques, so he was able to coach me in a helpful way during labor. I definitely recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone seeking a natural birth. --Katie

I had a long, slow, and ultimately quite wonderful birthing experience. I had listened to the Hypnobirthing relaxations a number of times over the weeks before my daughter's birth began, so when I listened to them while birthing, I found them familiar and reassuring. They helped me stay very calm and relaxed. One of my strongest memories of the birthing process was being up through the night while everyone else slept. When everything was quiet, I could really feel my body working to open my cervix. Knowing what was happening made me feel really positive each time I had a big sensation because I knew that my body was making a lot of progress. I just focused on staying calm and letting my body do what it knew how to do.

In the morning after that night, the nurses came to my room and suggested that they would need to start Pitocin with me because they thought that my birthing hadn't really started. I was surprised to hear that because I thought my body had been doing really well. When my midwife came to check on me, it turned out that I was actually 8cm dilated! Everyone was really surprised because of how quiet my birthing had been. A little while later, I even had a fairly long conversation with my midwife while my body was working to continue opening my cervix. She didn't realize it was happening!

In the end, my body stalled a bit and didn't seem to want to transition to the final stage of the process. Because my water had broken so early, in order to avoid infection, I did need to have Pitocin for the last pushing stage. That period was tougher but as soon as I figured out the rhythm of it, it was good. And because the first part of the birth process had been so relaxed, I went into it feeling fresh and positive.

I highly recommend Hypnobirthing to any expectant mom. It took away any fear I had about the process and really helped me enjoy it. I am left with great memories of my daughter's birth. --Emily