lactation consults

Due to COVID-19 consults may be virtual.

Please contact me to schedule a lactation consult.

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

1 hour visit

In home or virtual visits for families looking for tips to prepare for breastfeeding and/or for families with a history of a difficult breastfeeding experience.

Initial Lactation Consultation

1-2 hour visit

In home or virtual visits for families with breastfeeding difficulties and for families who want general education and lactation support. An initial visit includes a thorough history of mom and baby along with a feeding assessment. Consults include free telephone and e-mail follow-up.

Follow-up Lactation Consultation

1-1.5 hour visit

In home or virtual follow up visits provide additional lactation support to families as needed.

Back to Work Lactation Consultation

1-1.5 hour visit

These visits are for mothers returning to work who have questions regarding pumping, maintaining milk supply and transitioning baby to a bottle.

Important information regarding lactation consults

Please fill out my intake form to request an in home or virtual consultation.

If you're planning ahead for your lactation consultations here's how things work.

I recommend you contact me soon after you deliver the baby and before you’re discharged from the hospital, that way we can schedule a consult within the first few days home. Typically I schedule consults in the first week when the milk comes in, then a follow up consult the 2nd week, and a pumping/introducing a bottle consult around 3-5wks. This consult schedule is of course flexible due to moms/families needs for lactation support.

  • BCBSVT- "In network provider" for virtual and in home visits.

  • Check your insurance company for coverage of in home and telemedicine (virtual) lactation services.

Due to COVID-19 I am recommending families purchase a baby scale if financially able, this will help with the virtual consults and will reduce visits to the pediatrician for weight checks. Here are a few links to for inexpensive infant scales.

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